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“What is it about a black water river that causes travelers to slow their pace, breathe deeper and move in harmony with its flow? It draws us back again and again, the steady rhythm unchanged by time or the efforts of man, a siren’s song calling us to return.”
And so begins EDISTO RIVER: BLACK WATER CROWN JEWEL, a journey of words and photographs of the longest free-flowing black water river in North America. From the South Carolina Midlands to the coastal shore of the Lowcountry, the Edisto River winds more than 300 unobstructed miles to the Atlantic Ocean. Because of its life-giving, nutrient-rich waters, the Edisto River is one of the most productive and necessary places on earth. But it is also one of the most beautiful. Even on foggy or cloudy days, its black water is a perfect mirror, reflecting a world of color, its low sandy banks a stage for daily performances in the theater of natural and human history.
Open this book and enjoy the journey.

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