Second Chronicles Irreverent Reverend Rides Again book cover Joe Barody Susan Kammeraad-Campbell

SECOND CHRONICLES: The Irreverent Reverend Rides Again


Raise your eyebrows and brace yourself, the Irreverent Reverend is back!
In this second volume of collected stories, Joe Baroody is your driver as
he swerves and skids his way through life, dustups that will variably make
you cringe and laugh at his very human knack for embracing the power of
vulnerability. Readers will feel all the feels in the 22 pea-size stories that make
up this collection. Read them in order or a random bite at a time but, by all
means, hang on for a great ride!

Joe Baroody, an ordained Baptist minister and a pastoral counselor, is an
award-winning author with insights that defy gravity, flout convention and
touch the humanity in us all.

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