UNDERTONES: Gifts of a Southern Tide


This is a book soaked in salt. The seasons move through the pages, storms blow through it, and the tides rise and fall. Take a slow walk through those pages and you will see things: whelk, Spanish moss, cypress knees, a great blue heron, and the drama of salty creeks, estuaries, spartina. It is a world of movement where barnacles seethe, water pulses, shadows lengthen and nets are thrown.

The language in Undertones is as active as the world it describes. Things flutter, slice and fly. The beautiful black and white photos reveal the same world as the prose, a world beneath our world, beside it, always there if we just have the eyes, and curiosity, to see it.

Your guides to this world see more than most of us. They look deeply, below the surface and the human grid, into the mystery. But then they are generous enough bring us along, to let us see, too. The images and sentences, made by mother and son, work together to let us enter this older, shadowed world. They slow us down and let us see the poetry of old docks, encrusted driftwood, and human artifacts sand-stained and made primal. Take an hour and settle into this book, and the effect will be not unlike that of sinking down into a place.

NAN YOUNG CAREY is a fine art photographer whose work has been exhibited in numerous juried, invitational and solo shows in the Carolinas and Georgia.
Carey’s work has been published in Focus, Charleston Magazine, Sporting Classics and others, and many of her photographs are owned by museums and private collectors.

Originally from Virginia, she received her bachelor of fine arts from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Carey has taught photography at secondary and college levels. She lives in Charlotte with her husband Brooks. Nan and Brooks share five children and 11 grandchildren.

DOUGLAS CUTTING is an experienced outdoorsman and award-winning writer. Many of his published writings come from his experiences in the wilds, woods and water of the coastal south-east. His stories, essays and poems have appeared in Garden & Gun, Sporting Classics, Charleston Magazine, Gray’s Sporting Journal and others.

Cutting holds a bachelor’s degree from Davidson College; a master’s in creative writing from University of North Carolina, Wilmington; a U.S. Coast Guard captain’s license and real estate broker licenses in North and South Carolina.

Cutting is the owner of Blue Wing Properties. In the last six years, he has brokered more than 50,000 acres of conservation and sporting properties in the Carolinas. He lives in Charleston, S.C., with his wife Jeni, son Hunter, daughter Adelaide and their yellow lab May.

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