The Humours of Folly

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Folly Beach, South Carolina – with all it quirks and warts, its stretch marks and beauty marks, its playful goofiness, its dark underbelly – is the inspiration behind The Humours of Folly.

The ancient theories of the bodily humours – black bile, yellow bile, phlegm and blood – tie to the elements of the earth, seasons of the year and the many moods of human expression. These serve as the construct for this photographic jaunt by Texas photographer Frank Melvin Braden. His images are mated with a poetic narrative by Charleston writer Ellie Maas Davis. Photographer and writer both turned up rocks, stirred the pluff mud and spent considerable time with some of Folly’s finest characters to unearth stories told in pictures and words.

Writes Davis, “Weather beaten, brow beaten, beloved, she is also a work in progress – a finger-painted masterpiece. Known in modern times as the workingman’s beach, a rich man’s paradise, a surfer’s challenge and a shagger’s haven, she is a clearinghouse of the authentic and inauthentic. … Filled with imagination, Folly has an inconstant shoreline and many moods.”