The Unexpected Visitor

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The Unexpected Visitor is a stunning collection of black and white photographs and inspirational passages that takes the reader on a journey of discovery, surprise and faith. The photographs were taken over a period of more than half a century by physician N.B. Baroody, who traveled the world in recent years with his wife Margaret doing medical mission work. The book shares moments of their life journey together, their bond of connection and love that is both personal and universal.

“The stories we tell all resonate with a sense of the unexpected, even the divine,” comments Margaret Baroody. “We plot, even procrastinate, but it is often that unguarded moment, the unanticipated encounter that determines our sense of self, our relationships, our futures, our careers, our hopes and dreams. Is it mystery?

“The Unexpected Visitor is a poetic approach to the most fundamental questions we ask ourselves throughout our lives. How do we respond to our tragedies and triumphs? Why do we choose to chafe or cherish? When do we embrace faith or retreat in fear? How do we appreciate the moment and savor it, as my husband so often did with his photographs?”

N.B. Baroody studied with photographer Ansel Adams – an association that left an imprint that is abundantly evident in his work. In selecting the images for the book, the Baroodys share the experiences and revelations associated with the image, a glimpse of their extraordinary life together. The personal narratives are spare, but powerful, with accompanying quotes of verse and poetry. The words echo the profound simplicity of the photographed moments, encouraging us to linger, to know an unguarded moment and to savor the face of grace.

The Unexpected Visitor builds on the Baroodys’ first book, In Search of His Image (2007). Sadly, he died before the publication of The Unexpected Visitor.

Margaret’s tender observations about life and living are as insightful as they are revelatory. Hers is a voice of inspiration. “Margaret’s presentation was wonderful,” says Francie Dunlap, development officer for the Friends of the Florence County Library. “It was one of the best programs that we have ever had.”